Estawi(Lending Platform)

Estawi-Lending Platform for microfinance institutions, saccos and cooperatives

Estawi is a secure and agile financial product that lets you run your lending platform with ease, be it a micro-finance or a sacco or a chamaa. Estawi avails all the features necessary for user management, loan application, loan processing & approval, loan disbursement, loan payments, scoring engine and robust SMS notification.

Features of Estawi

1) User Management

This module allows administrators to manage access privileges for users such as loan officers, and managers. It also includes functions such as adding and removing members.

2) Disbursing loans to members

The disburse module allows administrators to manage loan disbursements to clients. Estawi offers various disbursement channels such as M-Pesa, Equitel and cash disbursements.

3) Receiving payments

With this module clients can pay for their loans using various methods such as M-Pesa and Equitel. Loan officers can also receive cash payments manually.

4) Scoring Engine

The scoring engine gives you insightful information on clients credit worthiness based on payment history to help loan officers make informed decisions.

5) Notifications

All transactions carried out on Estawi platform are accompanied by SMS notifications.

6) Reporting module

This provision allows managers and loan officers to access timely business intelligence reports. The reports can be exported to excel or pdf formats.