Shule Talk (SMS solution for schools)

Shule Talk (SMS solution for schools)

ShuleTalk enables schools and its communities to communicate effectively via SMS. ShuleTalk is built on a robust, fast and agile platform to ensure optimum end to end communication. This platform is best suited for pre-primary, primary schools, high schools, and institutions of higher learning. Learning institutions can send student's results, fee balance, upcoming events and even direct messages to parents. Parents can also access student's results and fee balance via USSD(e.g *123*ADMNO#). Schools can also communicate effectively with staff, Board members and even the community around the school.

Advantages of ShuleTalk include:

1. SMS Branding

SMS messages are sent using your school’s name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also the weight of the message. Examples of such branding include ‘MPESA’, ‘BATACLUB’, ‘ZUKU’, ‘IMARISHA’.

2. Cost Effective

Compared with other forms of communication, SMS is a very cost effective and incredibly practical, reliable, and an affordable method of communication.

3. Extensive Reach

In November of 2018, CCK announced that Kenya has attained 100% mobile penetration, meaning anyone can connect to a mobile communication network in any part of the country.

4. Speed

Messages can be delivered to parents/guardians in a matter of seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery and coverage of the mobile operator.

5. Time Saving and Convenient

Instead of crafting a message and then sending it to each client, one message is created and then sent to a whole group of parents, Board Members or School Staff. It can be sent at once to a large group, manually or automatically via Shule Talk Portal. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on). Shule Talk has inbuilt functions to send individualized messages such as exam results and fee balance at one go.

6. Reliability

As SMS is a personal communication facility, receiving it would not go unnoticed and it also grabs the attention of the receiver. In a short period of time, SMS has built up a reputation for itself as reliable communication system, guaranteeing almost 100 % delivery to the receiver.

7. SMS Scheduling

Shule Talk offers the ability to compose messages and then schedule them for delivery on a later date or time.

8. Delivery Reports

When you send a message, Shule Talk always presents you with a comprehensive report about the people who received your message successfully and those who did not. It even goes ahead to show you the reasons for failure where applicable.

9. Fast Response Time

Most mobile phone users have their phones with them most of the time and check their incoming messages before deleting them. Many consumers store the messages on their phones until a later date and then make use of the specials. The response time on average is however, within 24 to 48hours of receiving the messages. This means that sales conversions can be reached within a short period.

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